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Subject: Re: object-class and property in 11179

Regrep Team,

As promised in Friday's call, the following are the 17 properties that the
Department of Defense mandates for all information systems that support
DoD's processes. Within DoD, the properties are referred to as "class
words" and are explicitly defined in DoD 8320.1-M-1. To date, I have not
been able to identify any "property" that can't be generalized to the
following 17 (with definitions directly from DoD 8320.1-M-1).

Amount: A monetary value
Angle: The rotational measurement between two lines and/or planes diverging
from a common point.
Area: The two dimensional measurement of a surface expressed in unit
Code: The combination of one or more numbers, letters, or special
characters substituted for a specific meaning.
Coordinate: One of a set of values which identifies the location of a
Date: The notation of a specific period of time.
Dimension: A one dimensional measured linear distance.
Identifier: A combination of one or more numbers, letters, or special
characters, but has no readily definable meaning.
Mass: The measure of inertia of a body.
Name: The designation of an object and/or entity expressed in a word or
Quantity: A nonmonetary numeric value.
Rate: A quantitative expression that represents the numeric relationship
between two measureable units.
Temperature: The measure of heat in an object.
Text: An unformatted character string gereally in the form of words.
Time: A notation of a specified chronological point within a period.
Volume: A measurement of space occupied by a three dimensionalfigure.
Weight: The force with which an object is attracted toward the earth and/or
celestial body by gravitation.

Note: These are the same properties used within the UDEF.

Ron Schuldt

The 17 properties

Terry Allen wrote:

> What Ron Schuldt says is true:
> >The properties that one might want to associate to an object such as
> "document" could include; publication date, author name, revision
> identifier, etc.
> I was able to evade declaring these as properties of an object class
> because these properties and the object class "data element dictionary"
> are defined as semantic primitives in 11179.  A fuller and more
> self-consistent treatment would indeed declare these explicitly
> (as I'm sure X3.285 has done).
> On this morning's call I'll review what's going on with ebxml,
> which should give us a comfortable perspective for dealing
> with this issue.
> Thanks, Ron!
> regards, Terry

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