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regrep message

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Subject: Regrep 3 Dec conf call minutes

OASIS Regrep TC Conference Call
Friday 3 December 1999

 - discuss agenda, new items
 - review revisions to tech spec; 
 - review revised THTTP
 - reminder of next face-to-face, in Philadelphia
 - new items
 - adjourn

Joe Alfonso, Sun
Terry Allen, Commerce One
Lisa Carnahan, NIST
Robin Cover, ISOGEN
Len Gallagher, NIST
Mike Kass, NIST
Alex Milowski, Lexica
Ernie Nishiseki, Dun & Bradstreet
Ron Schuldt, UDEF

Lisa and Len introduce themselves and NIST's IMS repository
project.  This is a registry and repository for educational
materials (see imsproject.org), using our spec.  Len later
sent Terry a PDF file showing UML models of the spec, which
Terry will put up on the OASIS site rather than sending in

Terry gave an account of the ebxml meeting and the work of
the ebxml regrep committee, which intends to use 11179 and
model it in UML (a theme is emerging here ...).

Ron Schuldt corrects Terry on 11179 object-class and property
concepts (see email).  After some discusssion it's clear that
we agree violently.  Ron remarks that DoD has a list of 17 
properties that seems exhaustive (later posted to the list).

Terry remarks that he's made a pass at revising RFC 2169, and
one of the open issues for us in this connection is what
should be returned in response to an "I2C" request.  
We want to be able to send the registration metadata or 
the r.d. plus our value added info.  It's pointed out that
we probably need to construct some use cases.  Ron Daniel
wisely advises that we keep it simple.

The next phone call will be on Dec 17th, the last call for the year.
Details to be posted when MCI decides that Terry really is a
valued customer and permits a reservationist to answer the phone.
Ah, yes, I am a valued customer:

Friday, 17 December 1999
9-10 AM Pacific
12 lines domestic, none international
passcode:  15596
confirmation no. 6322164

Face to Face in Philadelphia:

 Thursday, 9 December 1999, 1-4 P.M., Room 404, Marriott.
 Friday, 10 December 1999, 9.30 A.M-3.30 P.M., Room 404, Marriott.

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