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Subject: Repository use cases::retrieval()


I recently received a report from the ebXML Repository groups' last
conference call.  It sounds like things are rolling ahead at break neck
speed.  I want to thank you for the invaluable work you have done and
continue doing.

In respect to the Submission, classification and retrieval of meta data in a
repository,  we (XML Global) have realized that the retrieval method will be
greatly influenced by the classification methodology.  IN general, retrieval
methods fall into two categories:

1.  A machine API which can accept a query, perform an RPC on the
repository, and return the correct data.  IT is imperative that the query be
sent in a platform and O/S neutral syntax.  Accordingly,  the use of XML to
build an XML Query Interface (XQI) for the goxml.com search engine was a
logical choice.  The details of the XQI are available at:


I would like to submit this for discussion and test use for the repository

2.  A human interface.  This does not normally seem to be a necessity until
you think about the use cases.   Imagine a scenario whereby a party attempts
to find a specific version of specific meta data such as a mapping template
and fails via a machine API.  The user should have a back up retreival
mechanism to be able to perform a manual search on the repository.  If they
still cannot find a specific item (for arguments' sake a "mapping
template"), they may be able to find a similar item or a different version
of the same item which could be manually retrieved, modified and used.

Also - in the case of SME's, not all parties may be able to afford the
applications to automatically retreive the meta data.  A manual system would
definately lower the cost for entry into a global trading network.


Duane Nickull

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