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Subject: RE: Repository use cases::retrieval()

Terry wrote:

For the goxml API, could you point us to the formal description
of it?


There are toolkits available for download too (the Perl flavor is best)

This API acts on a dynamic index.  There is also a cache mechanism which is
built so duplicate queries are handled very quickly.  The cache expires when
the update cycle is completed.

The XQI API returns only a pointer to the data as a URL.  I think that this
is a fundamental building block for a query mechanism in the cases where
multiple distributed repositories may be queried.  In other words, GoXML's
XQI is not a registry or a repository per se but a search mechanism which
can handle multiple (ie "distributed") repositories.

When a query response comes back to the client,  the client can then employ
a "get" request to grab the object from it's location.  The current catch is
that the object MUST be in well-formed or valid XML syntax.

I look forward to your thoughts.

Duane Nickull

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