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regrep message

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Subject: eliminate regrep submission stuff?

11 March 00

Despite the interest expressed at the recent San Jose meeting
in having a method of submitting items to a Registration Authority
that would be the same across registries, further discussion of 
interfaces and methods for submission indicate to me that early
implementors would achieve better results if they were given a
free hand.  

So I am suggesting that we leave any specification of this 
area to later work, and cut back the OASIS spec by eliminating
the "OASIS Registry and Repository Zip Format for Submissions"
document (rzipformat.htm).  There should be no impact on the
interoperability of registries insofar as nonsubmitting users
is concerned (once the items are registered, how they were
submitted doesn't matter), nor on the interoperability of registries in
communicating queries among each other (which we haven't dealt
with yet).

Deleting that document would imply elimination of the following
	- coverletter.txt
	- the cover-letter and submission-purpose elements from admin.dtd
	- oasis-manifest.dtd
	- the cover-letter-item element from admin.dtd
	- zipformat.ZIP
	- much of sect 2.1.2 of the Tech Spec
	- socontact.txt

The sample file dbra1.txt, which is the RA's composite metadata for the 
entire Docbook distribution, should be retained and positioned elsewhere,
I think. 

The conformance language (yet to be written) should probably still refer to
the roles and responsibilities of the RA outlined in 11179, part 6, sect 6
(except the unworkable IRDI part), as that section does not really 
specify workflow except in small chunks.

Whether the RA should designate the SO by URN, a question raised by Una,
can remain an open issue.

Is anyone opposed to this move?

regards, Terry

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