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Subject: Need a Related Data element

I see I quit too soon in constructing dbrelated.txt:

<!-- I omit to catalogue all the pieces of the Docbook documentation
	in all their formats:

The problem is that in the current DTDs, related data such as
documentation can only be referred to; there isn't an element 
for it that can bear metadata.  In fact, even data-element itself
is missing administrative-metadata-group, which it should have.
It seems to me that we need an element for related data that
is not a data element for the purpose of containing:

	name-context (?)

Does this make sense?

Lisa, Len, have you hit this problem yet?  How is NIST thinking of
registering IMS stuff, as data elements?  

Some change would also be needed to registry.dtd, although that
DTD isn't actually used:

<!--    OASIS XML DTD for ISO/IEC 11179 
	Version 0.3 (registry.dtd)
	21 November 1999
	Terry Allen, Registry and Repository Technical Committee

	Copyright 1999 OASIS - Organization for the Advancement
		of Structured Information Standards

<!ELEMENT register (
	| data-element-dictionary 
	| classification-scheme

regards, Terry

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