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Subject: New Proposed Submission Language

Proposal for New Submission Language
Terry Allen
27 March 00

As promised during the 24 March conference call, here is a 
proposal for new language wrt submission packaging.

Submissions to a registry may be made by an application-to-
application process or through a human-manipulable interface.
Certain semantics related to the purpose of the submission
should be specified, but it is not useful to specify the design
of a human-manipulable interface.

Further, while it may prove to be useful to specify a common method
of application-to-application submission, the method of packaging
a submission package should not be specified until current work in
the IETF on XML packaging has borne fruit.

Consequently, this specification does not prescribe any method
for submitting items to a registry.  

Certain semantics related to the purpose of submission are 
specified as advisory and nonnormative in
submission-purpose-list.ent, which provides the value of the
data-element-association-type attribute on the data-element-association
element.  They must be bound to the identities of the SO and RA
(as shown in the cover-letter element type declaration, see example
coverletter.txt), and in the case of some of them, bound to the
identity of a previously submitted (and, if applicable,
registered) item (through the use of a data-element-association

new-submission:  the submitted item(s) are new to the registy,
	and it is requested that they be registered in accordance
	with terms of business previously or to be established
	between the SO and the RA.

revision-submission:  the submitted item(s) are revisions of
	items already submitted by the same SO and registered
	by the same RA, and it is requested that they be 
superseding-submission:  the submitted item(s) supersede items
	already registered; it is requested that those items
	have their status changed to "superseded" with a
	data element association to the superseding items,
	but that they be retained in the registry.

retirement-instruction:  no item is submitted, but the
	indicated registered item is requested to be withdrawn
	from the registry, its metadata to be retained with
	the status changed to "retired". 

retraction-instruction (was cancellation-instruction):  no
	item is submitted, but the indicated submitted (not
	necessarily registered item) is requested to be 
	suppressed without retention of its metadata.
The oasis-manifest element (example omsamp.txt) shows how
one might package submitted items with an indication of
the purpose of submission, but is nonnormative.


regards, Terry

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