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Subject: NISO and TC46/SC4

Lisa remarked that NISO has a registry project.  I don't find anything
specifically about it at the NISO site, but here's some of what I did




 TC 46 - Information and Documentation
SC 4 - Computer Applications
Technical Committee 46/Subcommittee 4 (TC46/SC4) is the International Organization for 
Standardization (ISO) Subcommittee responsible for technical standards used to facilitate
 interoperability of information services such as libraries, information centers, indexing 
and abstracting services, archives, and publishers. These technical standards include 
standards for information retrieval and interlibrary loan, applications of SGML, data elements 
directories, data formats, character sets, codes and user commands. 

http://www.niso.org/sc4act.html#wg7  says:

SC 4/WG 7 - Data Elements 
Area of work: Standardization of data elements and the type and content of messages required 
for use in documentation. 

Next Meeting: Week of May 10, 2000, Berlin, Germany 

Completed standards: ISO 8459-1, ISO 8459-2, ISO 8459-3, ISO 8459-4 

Convener: Janifer Gatenby 
41 Rue Molitor 
75016 Paris France 
Telephone: 33-1-46-51-39-28 
Internet: janifer@compuserve.com 

http://www.niso.org/sc4stand.html  says in part:

Data element directories: 
ISO 8459-1:1988 - Bibliographic data element directory 
Part 1: Interloan applications 
ISO 8459-2:1992 - Bibliographic data element directory 
Part 2: Acquisitions applications 
ISO 8459-3:1994 - Bibliographic data element directory 
Part 3: Information retrieval applications 
ISO 8459-4:1998 - Bibliographic data element directory 
Part 4: Circulation applications 
ISO CD 8459-5 - Bibliographic data element directory 
Part 5: Data elements for the exchange of cataloguing and metadata 

http://www.niso.org/sc4ma-ra.html  says in part:

TC46/SC4 Maintenance Agencies and Registration Authorities 

Several ISO/TC46/SC4 standards require a Maintenance Agency (MA) or Registration 
Authority (RA). An MA assists in updating the standard and will monitor implementation. 
An RA is tasked to register objects defined in the standard. The organizations in these 
roles are approved by the ISO Technical Management Board. 

Formats and protocols:
ISO 10160:1997 - Open Systems Interconnection Interlibrary Loan Application Service
ISO 10161-1:1997 - Open Systems Interconnection Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol 
Specification Part 1: Protocol specification 
ISO 10161-2:1997 - Open Systems Interconnection Interlibrary Loan Application Protocol 
Specification Part 2: PICS Proforma 
These standards are supported by a Maintenance Agency that also has Registration 
Authority for objects defined in the standards:

ILL Application Standards Maintenance Agency
Information Analysis and Standards Division
Information Technology Service
National Library of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0N4 Canada
Telephone number: +819-994-6969
Fax number: +819-994-6835

The Web site for this standard created and maintained by the MA/RA can be found at:

which is of some interest, but I have no time to plumb it.  Looking around I find
that 10161 has been withdrawn (I think that's right) and that's there's a precis
of 8459 at


which shows that this standard is the definition of the data elements and their
use, not of a data element standard per se (I would expect them to be using
11179 for that, but can't find 8459 online).

regards, Terry


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