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Subject: Re: Re XML.org implementation

Nagwa wrote:
| There are two things I would like to report to the regrep TC from the last 
| XML.org meeting:
| First, The terminology used in Registration Status List ("certified" and 
| "standardized") needs to be modified (due to legal risks).

Those were the values from 11179.  In fact, the values should be
chosen by the RA, so we shouldn't specify anything.  I'll replace
that list with CDATA.

| Second, The solution we thought about for the package submission is: 
| All the Package's components will be an individual object with its own metadata 
| and its own unique identifier, but they will be all package together with a 
| package unique identifier and metadata. This  will allow the retrieval to be for 
| a component only or for the all components this package include.

Please refer to my initial post on "the simple case".  The fact
that several things happened to be submitted together doesn't
mean that it's useful to maintain that association.  In other
words, if my DTD has parts A, B, C, D, and E and I happen to submit
A and B together, then later C, D, and E, the useful set is A-E,
not (A, B) and (C-E).    We've been discussing this since 11
March, is it really unclear?

| I will be waiting for your feed back, and I can discuss it more further in our 
| next con call.
| Regards,
| Nagwa

regards, Terry

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