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Subject: Date Element example

Len asked for an example of markup for a data element.  It took
me all week to dig it up, but here's the one I did about a year
ago (using a DTD since discarded, but it shows relevant stuff).
It's for ISO currency codes.

regards, Terry
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- filename curr2.xml -->
<!-- Terry Allen  4 April 1999  Copyright 1999 Commerce One, Inc. 
	This example illustrates one way ISO 4217 currency codes
	could be represented in conformance with ISO 11179.  The
	source document should be the latest version of ISO 4217,
	which the ISO online catalogue,  http://www.iso.ch/cate/cat.html,
	indicates to be ISO 4217-1995, but as I don't have
	a copy of it, I've fallen back on UN/ECE Trade Facilitation 
	Recommendation No. 9,
	I have not tried to represent information that's in English
	in other languages as well, although that could be done.
	For the actual currency code values look at the end of the file.

<!DOCTYPE data.element SYSTEM "oneone2.dtd">

<!-- I make the registration authority OASIS just to show that
	the registry could be run by an entity other than ISO. 
	Perhaps UN/ECE would want to be the R.A.  -->
<registration.authority identifier="xxx">
<oasis-personal.name>Laura Walker (stand-in for OASIS registrar)
<oasis-occupation.title>Executive Director
<registration.status status="standardized"/>

<!-- The responsible organization is the entity responsible for the content.
	I've made this the official Maintenance Agency, as given in
<responsible.organization identifier="ISO TC68">
<oasis-entity.name>British Standards Institution
389 Chiswick High Road
London W4 4AL
United Kingdom
<telephone>+ 44 181 996 9000
<email>not provided

<!-- I've made the submitting organization ISO TC68, but perhaps
	it should be the same as the R.O. -->

<submitting.organization identifier="ISO TC68">
<oasis-entity.name>International Organization for Standardization, Technical
	Committee 68, Banking, securities and other financial services
<oasis-personal.name>C. Fuller
<email>not provided

<source.document>ISO 4217-1995, "Codes for the representation of 
currencies and funds"


<data.element.name context="ISO 4217(E)">Currency code
<definition>A three-letter alphabetic code and an equivalent
three-digit numeric code for the representation of currencies and funds.  


<datatype>alphabetic string

<!-- Here's where the values are kept.  -->


<permissible.data.element.value identifier="AFA">
The Afghani, the currency of Afghanistan (AF).

<permissible.data.element.value identifier="ALL">The Lek, 
the currency of Albania (AL).

<permissible.data.element.value identifier="DZD">The Algerian Dinar, 
the currency of Algeria (DZ).

<!-- ... -->

<permissible.data.element.value identifier="ZWD">The Zimbabwean Dollar, 
the currency of Zimbabwe (ZW).



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