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Subject: Re: The Boeing Baseline Document

At 00/04/21 12:40 -0700, Walker, Jamie wrote:
>The attached document

As interesting as I'm sure this document is going to be, may I suggest that 
a 1.9Mb file is far too large to be forwarding around email?

I live in a rural area with *very* slow modem access (especially since it 
is raining today) and it (1) interferes with my business to await long 
emails and (2) has the potential to exceed my ISP mailbox limits thereby 
losing book sales (transacted via email).

If future contributions from list members could be referenced for later 
downloading from an FTP site, rather than forwarded unsolicited through the 
email, then I (and I'm sure some others) would appreciate it.  We don't all 
have fast access.


.................. Ken

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