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Subject: June 29 Conference call minutes

The minutes of our June 29 conference call are attached.  Please send me 
any proposed changes.

Reminder:  Our next conference call will be July 13.  Details in a future 

Title: Meeting Minutes of the OASIS Registry/Repository Working Group

Meeting Minutes of the OASIS Registry/Repository Working Group

Conference call June 29, 2000




Voting Members

Nagwa Abdelghfour, Sun

Terry Allen, Commerce One

Lisa Carnahan, NIST

Yutaka Yoshida, Sun

Priscilla Walmsley, XML Solutions



Len Gallagher, NIST

Eamonn Neylon, Self




Discuss Agenda, new items


Information regarding the August face-to-face meeting – The next face-to-face meeting will be held at Sun Microsystems, San Jose, on August 14, 2000.  Yutaka Yoshida will be emailing the logistics.  If you plan to attend, please email Yutaka ( yutaka.yoshida@eng.sun.com ) and let him know (by July 15). 


Update on Chair status – It is not clear what OASIS body needs to vote on the new chair of the Registry/Repository Working Group.  However we can proceed with Lisa Carnahan serving as chair until the formalities are taken care of.



            ebXML – Lisa Carnahan noted that a recent email from the Architecture mailing list containing conference call minutes indicated that 1) the Architecture Project Team is looking at conformance, and 2) the Architecture Project Team is deferring to the Registry/repository Project Team to develop the registry/repository specifications in number of areas that the Architecture Team was exploring.  Nagwa Abdelghfour, as a participant on the Technical Coordination Project Team, has discussed the Registry/Repository Project Team’s ideas and directions with the Architecture Team.  This resulted in the Architecture Team having a clearer understanding of the Registry/repository Project Team’s efforts.


XML.org – Nagwa Abdelghfour said that XML.org is up and running.  XML.org currently does not have a browsing capability because the OASIS Reg/rep Working Group has not yet settled on a classification  scheme(s).


NIST Implementation – NIST has implemented the information model and is currently focusing on the registry-registry communication aspects.    There was a discussion regarding the potential use of SOAP.  The concern was raised that SOAP does not allow the transmission of document types other than XML. This would not satisfy our requirement that a repository be able to accept any kind of document type.  Len Gallagher observed that all registry/repository communication, except transmittal of the registered object itself, could be in XML, thereby minimizing the problem.


Status of the Design Principles Document, the Scenarios Document and the Statement of Purpose.  Terry Allen is currently updating these documents.  (NOTE: After the conference call, Terry posted the revised Statement of Purpose to the mailing list.)


Discuss and decide on schedule for Information Model proposal(s) to draft status. -  Lisa Carnahan mentioned her concern over the lack of discussion regarding the Information Model and that this may push the schedule back.  Terry Allen suggested that we follow the IETF approach for having discussions (i.e., where a single issue is posed to the group in the form of a question).  Lisa took as an action item to pose the first issue.


While the members did not vote on a schedule, the chair hopes that the group can produce a document that will have a ‘draft’ status shortly after the August face-to-face meeting.


Discussion of specific issues with the Information Model – Nagwa Abdelghfour expressed concern regarding the lack of introductory/context material in the Information Model specification.  There was general consensus (no vote taken) that the specification will have introductory/context material added.  Further, the introductory/context material will contain the design principles, the scenarios, and an abstraction of the information model. Much of this material will come from the rescinded documents.   Lisa Carnahan took an action item to draft an outline for the introductory/context material.


Terry Allen commented on the requirement that the registry’s local identifier map to one and only one global name (assigned URN).   Terry mentioned that organizations may have multiple global names for the same item.  Everyone agreed that this was true.  Len Gallagher observed that the one-to-one requirement among local identifiers and local assigned URNs was designed to prevent local ambiguities and that the alternate name entity could be used to support multiple global names.  Terry agreed to look at this and to see if it addresses his concern.


New items – Terry Allen mentioned that the OMG has an XML schema serialization for UML.   This is essentially the new version of XMI.  Previously XMI created DTDs. 


Meeting adjourned.

Lisa Carnahan
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Information Technology Laboratory
100 Bureau Drive Stop 8970
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899
301-975-3362 voice
301-948-6213 fax

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