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Subject: conference call on Friday

Our conference call will be on Friday, September 1 at 1:00 Eastern (10:00 
Domestic number 1-888-282-0371
International number is 1-712-271-3823.
The passcode for both parties is 55089.
Lisa Carnahan, NIST, is the contact.


1. discuss agenda, new items
2. Administrative issues
3. Updates
	NIST implementation
4. Issues for Discussion (**Please be prepared to discuss!)
	1.The use of a 'source' attribute for the enumerated lists
	2. The classification model
	3. The associations (uses, used by, etc.)
	4. Additional attributes
We will discuss these three topics.  The outcome of the discussion of each 
topic will be a decision to go with the current concepts as defined in the 
model (relative to each topic) or to make modifications.  Please note: If 
you don't like how the model currently addresses the items above, please be 
prepared to present/discuss a new approach.
5. The document moving forward.
We need to decide how to proceed to have the document receive a 'draft' 
status.  We also need to agree on a schedule that will take us to our next 
face-to-face in December and beyond.
6. new items
7. adjourn

If you'd like to propose any additions to the agenda before Friday, please 
let me know.

Lisa Carnahan
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Information Technology Laboratory
100 Bureau Drive Stop 8970
Gaithersburg, Md. 20899
301-975-3362 voice
301-948-6213 fax

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