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Subject: OASIS Regrep TC - Proposal #1 RegistryQuery (new Section 7.4)


Section 7.4 of our Reg/Rep specification is titled, "Query DTDs", but
currently it is essentially void of content.  I'd like to re-title Section
7.4 as "RegistryQuery DTDs" and propose the attached 4-pages as partial
content of that section.

We can discuss it at our teleconference tomorrow, but the main points in
support of it are the following:

1) It's important to have "AssignedURN" as the simplest type of Query! Then 
the registry services for GetRegisteredObject(AssignedURN) (see Section
7.1) and 
GetRegistryEntry(AssignedURN) (see Section 7.2) make sense even for
implementation that don't support more sophisticated Query. This is
provided as one option for a "RegistryEntryQuery" in Section 7.4.1.

2) It's highly desirable to have other kinds of easily implementable
queries. One option is what I'll call "MetadataFilter" query. It would be a
very simple XML-only filtering mechanism on the RegistryEntry class and all
of its dependent sub-classes. This option is left [NOT COMPLETED], but the
intent is to follow up in the near term.

3) It's also desirable to allow an implementation to offer slightly more
sophisticated query mechanisms, using SQL, OQL, or XML Query. I've filled
in the details for a very limited form of SQL, just to show that it's
possible to do it in a meaningful way.

The result of a "RegistryEntryQuery" would be a set of references to
REgistryEntry instances. Then these sets of references could be used as
input for expanded GetRegisterObject and GetRegistryMetada registry services. 

See that attached PDF file (only 4-pages!) for a draft of a revised Section
7.4. I'll follow this with revised proposals for Section 7.1,
GetRegisteredObject, and Section 7.2, GetRegistryMetadata.

-- Len

At 01:36 PM 12/8/00 , Lisa Carnahan wrote:
>Hello All,
>The OASIS Reg/rep TC will be having a conference call on Friday, December 
>15 at 1:00 Eastern time.   You'll get the agenda early next week.
>USA Toll Free Number: 888-566-5784
>USA Toll Number: +1-212-547-0361
>PASSCODE: 45764
>LEADER: Ms Lisa Carnahan


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NIST                                      Work: 301-975-3251
Bldg 820  Room 562                        Home: 301-424-1928
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8970 USA           Fax: 301-948-6213

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