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regrep message

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Subject: Addressing an issue of compatibility

I'm not waving a red flag here, but I do want to bring to the attention of the committee something of interest that has just come to my attention.  I'll have to take a closer look at it, but you and your organizations may want to do so as well.
Specifically, we are considering establishing ISO/IEC 11179 as a standard for data element naming and definition.
Insofar as that activity goes, you might be saying, "So?" And you'd be okay to do so.
However, there is within the specification, the following section which you might find interesting:

Part 6: ISO/IEC, 11179-6, Registration of Data Elements, provides instruction on how a registration applicant may register a data element with a central Registration Authority and the allocation of unique identifiers for each data elements. Maintenance of data elements already registered is also specified.

The questions that come immediately to mind are, how congruent with the RegRep proposal is the 11179 Spec? Is there any conflict which should be of concern? Etc...


Jamie Walker
Sr. Systems Analyst / Intranet Strategist
Everett IS Arch. Planning & Implementation
6-6X63 MS 0Y-CJ
Ph: 425-294-8295 Fx: 425-342-3481
Personal: jamiewalker@yahoo.com


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