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regrep message

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Subject: Have you been hacked by f*ck PoizonBOx?

I've created an online community called "Have you been hacked by f*ck 


Please join the discussion! 
With the message board, you can view discussion folders quickly in the 
left-hand column and read up to 20 messages at a time. You can even attach 
files (such as pictures and programs) directly to messages -- just like 
e-mail. It's fast, easy, and efficient. 

As the Forum "Host," I control the specific features of the Forum. The 
other options include real-time Chat, voice chat, and polls. I can also 
choose to make it public or private. 

I've chosen to make this Forum public so anyone can participate, so feel 
free to tell your friends. 

The best way into my Forum is at the following URL: 

I'm eager to hear comments and suggestions. Let's get the conversation 

Best regards, 

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