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Subject: Re: Proposal to modify Classifications in ebRIM


> I asked Lisa for a document number to make a proposal for changing the way
> we handle classifications and classification schemes in the RIM. I got #1
> (see Attached PDF file)!

I believe the changes you have requested are much needed, though I have
reservations about thinking of classification schemes as a single hierarchy.
I would ask you to support the following additional use cases:

A) A user community wishes to use only a part of a classification, starting
at a particular node and restricting the number of levels, and/or members of
the sets at one level, that a user can go down below the start point.
Example: Only those nodes listed under the heading Europe that were
registered as member states of the EU in 1995. (This raises the question of
a) how do you classify/qualify a classification node to indicate its
membership of another category and b) how do you query the date at which a
clssification was valid?)

B) A user community may need to define a locally significant extension to an
existing code list. Example: ISO 3166-1 defines the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland as a single code point (GB). ISO 3166-2 also
defines each of the countries of the UK as separate entries using the 3
digit extensions of  the base code, and each of the counties within each of
the countries at the level below that. (How these three digit codes would be
related to the two digit code in a separate list is another challenge to the
RegRep model!) However, for legal reasons, the classification of UK laws
requires that there be classifications based on England & Wales, Scotland,
Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands and Isle of Man and do not (at
present) apply separately to individual counties. Therefore someone wanting
to classify these either has to define a proprieatry scheme or needs to
define extensions to the existing scheme, either by redefining the level
below the UK entry in the 3-letter scheme completely, or by adding a special
category for the combination of England & Wales to the existing
classification scheme at the middle level of the larger classification
scheme. This must be done by someone without the rights to update the ISO
3166 classification.

C) A user community may need to use the union of two classifications.
Example: Using both ISO 3166 country codes and ISO 639 language codes to
indicate language variants such as EN-US. (The combination of the two parts
of ISO 3166 mentioned above is another example.)

Martin Bryan
Technical Manager, The Diffuse Project

Diffuse: http://www.diffuse.org, mailto:mtbryan@diffuse.org
The Diffuse Project is funded under the European Commission's IST programme.
Diffuse publications are maintained by TIEKE (Finnish IT Development
IC Focus and The SGML Centre.

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