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regrep message

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Subject: Status of voting members

Hello All,

Attached is the list of Registry TC members and voting status.   New 
members who participated in the May 25 Conference Call are now voting 
members given that we have had three meetings.  Please be patient with me 
in the next month or so as I try and update this list.  Given the number of 
new members and the OASIS rules for becoming a voting member, I'm trying 
hard to make sure I have all members correctly listed and have a correct 
listing of voting members.  If you think you should be a voting member and 
do not see 'Voting' next to your name/org, please send email directly to 
lisa.carnahan@nist.gov , rather than the whole list.  My intent is to get 
it right the first time; however I do make mistakes.  Please don't take an 
error personally.   I will post this list, minus the voting status, to the 
Registry TC webpage.

Name, Organization, Voting status (Voting status is 'voting' or  a blank. 
Blank indicates a non-voting status.)

Nagwa Abdelghfour, Sun Microsystems, Voting
Nicholas Berry, Boeing
Kathryn Breininger, Boeing
Lisa Carnahan, NIST,  non-Voting member (Chair)
Dan Chang, IBM, Voting
Joseph M. Chiusano, LMI
Joe Dalman, Tie Commerce
Suresh Damodaran, Sterling Commerce
Vadim Draluk, BEA, Voting
John Evdemon, Vitria Technologies
Anne Fischer, Drummond Group
Sally Fuger, AIAG, Voting
Len Gallagher, NIST, Voting
Michael Joya, XMLGlobal
Una Kearns, Documentum
Kyu-Chul Lee, Chungnam National University
Megan MacMillan, Gartner Solista, Voting
Norbert Mikula, DataChannel
Joel Munter, Intel, Voting
Farrukh Najmi, Sun Microsystems, Voting
Joel Neu, Vitria Technologies
Sanjay Patil, IONA
Neal Smith, Chevron
Nikola Stojanovic, Encoda Systems Inc., Voting
David Webber, XMLGlobal, Voting
Prasad Yendluri,  webmethods, Voting
Yutaka Yoshida, Sun Microsystems, Voting


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