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Subject: [ebXML-Registry] Rename "RegistryObject" and "RegistryEntry" and othercomments on RIM

Since we are doing a makeover of RIM, I propose that
we rename these two classes to mean what they really are
(we should know what they really are by now, after all
the discussions?) I have had difficulty explaining these
concepts to others and not wonder at the same time where these names crept
I do claim innocent of all prior associations with these names
in ebXML Registry. Now that I do not sound too defensive,
here is my proposal:

RegistryObject contains metadata that describes each entity stored
or referenced in the registry, relationships among these entities.
If indeed this is the case, let us rename "RegistryObject" to 
"RegistryMetaData" or something else that has "MetaData" explicitly.
[Actually: I would have separated the notion of the "description of the
from "description of the relationships among entities" in the interest
of cleaner design - the former can exist by itself, whereas the later
cannot exist without the former. Once I have these I would have simply
associated them. I suspect, what got us here is that the lifecycle concept,
it applies to both these notions, made us simplify the classes further.
I would have captured this notion as a separate base class, and made both 
classes inherit from it]

RegistryEntry contains "extended metadata," where metadata seems the same
as before. Why not call it "RefgistryExtendedMetaData" - quite a mouthful,
I agree.

OK, I suspect there was much discussion on this topic before, so this must
be some can of worms. Don't be surprised if I keep my peace for a while
on this, just because of that.


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