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Subject: Re: Call Tomorrow (Len's rethinking)

Farrukh and Len,

I am glad to see that not all things are RegistryEntry. I have had a
concern about that and have raised an issue on it.

But I am still concerned that all (or almost all, since I haven't seen the
revised RIM spec I can only guess) things are RegistryObject. My
understanding is that a RegistryObject (unless it got changed) has a UUID.
For Association and Classification, for example, which are UML association
classes, I don't believe it is reasonable to require that they must have

BTW, do you plan to send out a revised RIM for review and comment soon?

Regards,  Dan

e-business Data Technology and Standard
IBM Silicon Valley Laboratory
Notes:     Dan Chang/Santa Teresa/IBM@IBMUS
Internet:  dtchang@us.ibm.com
VM:          IBMUSM50(DTCHANG)
Phone:    (408)-463-2319

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