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Subject: RE: [ebXML-Registry] Rename "RegistryObject" and "RegistryEntry" andother comments on RIM

Message text written by "Suresh"
>> Since we are doing a makeover of RIM, I propose that
> we rename these two classes to mean what they really are
> (we should know what they really are by now, after all
> the discussions?) I have had difficulty explaining these
> concepts to others and not wonder at the same time where these names
> from:-)
> I do claim innocent of all prior associations with these names
> in ebXML Registry.<

This is an excellent idea and I fully support this.

Now all we have to do is find meaningful terms!

We seem to have selected engineering speak for 
everything Registry - which is OK for a technical 
spec' - but now we have business users wanting
to understand all this - we should move to
re-invent our vocabulary in terms that the 
rest of the world can understand.

Yep its a can of worms - but I think if we take an
approach where the external high level artifacts
are describing with real world names - then we
can leave the engineering terms at the lower
levels.  Well almost - we also need terms 
where the interfaces touch people.

Examples:  External ID - what's that?  UUID - same.

Anyway - maybe we need a vocabulary sub-team?!?


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