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Subject: RE: ebXML and UDDI

Hi Vivek,

As far as I know, no ebXML-specific canonical Service Types (aka tModels) or
any type of ebXML Service Types have not been defined yet.  To get a tModel
to be considered canonical, i.e., accepted by UDDI as a "bootstrapped"
object may be difficult.  This Oasis Registry TC could take on the challenge
the define, design and register appropriate Service Types to support the
various Use Cases and then test them.  Once the Service Types are known to
be correct, this group can then approach UDDI about their canonicalization.

A fundamental difference is that UDDI is a Registry only where ebXML offers
both Registry and Repository functionality.  

In my humble opinion, the primary reason for a bridging the two in a
complementary Use Case model is to provide global visibility of ebXML
Registries.  Registering ebXML registries within UDDI would enable that
"global" discovery.


-----Original Message-----
From: CHOPRA,VIVEK (Non-HP-Cupertino,ex1)
Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2001 10:47 AM
To: 'regrep@lists.oasis-open.org'
Subject: ebXML and UDDI

I was reading the ebXML reg/rep white paper on using UDDI to find an 
ebXML reg/rep (http://www.ebxml.org/specs/rrUDDI.pdf), and had a
couple of questions:

 1. Have canonical UDDI tModels been defined  for reg/reps, CPPs etc. as
    suggested in this document?

 2. If there is a move to define tModels for things that are stored
    in a ebXML repository (e.g. CPPs, schemas etc.) does it make
    sense to use a UDDI registry in place of an ebXML registry? Or
    are there some things that the UDDI registry can not do that
    is required from an ebXML registry? If so, are are proposals
    that would bring the UDDI and ebXML registries closer in intent
    and functionality?

Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks,

- Vivek

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