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Subject: Ballot: update spec

Ballot: Update RIM based on "Gallagher, Najmi, Stojanovic Proposal"

Statement: " The RIM and RS should be updated to reflect (only) the 
proposed changes to Figures 1 and 2 of the RIM and all relevant text.  The 
"Gallagher, Najmi, Stojanovic Proposal" is considered to be (1) the 2 
figures emailed to the TC and (2) the single email message describing the 
changes (sent by Najmi to the TC).  All changes to the specifications made 
as a result of this ballot will be highlighted in the 
specifications.  Passage of this ballot does not imply that the proposed 
changes are agreed to by the TC.  A separate ballot will be issued to 
approve/disapprove the changes."

Agree or disagree

You don't need to respond with your ballot to the whole list, you may 
respond to me at lisa.carnahan@nist.gov .


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