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Subject: details for face to face

Hello All,

As discussed in our last conference call, the OASIS/ebXML Registry TC will 
meet Monday-Wednesday, September 24-26.  The details, provided by John 
Evdemon, are below.


>Vitria will host the meeting for September 24-26th
>We will provide internet connections for all (ethernet - no dial up).
>Vitria's offices are located at:
>945 Stewart Drive
>Sunnyvale, CA 94086
>Phone: (408) 212-2700
>Fax: (408) 212-2720
>San Jose is the closest airport, but can be a bit expensive to fly into.
>You can also fly into San Francisco, but will need to rent a car or take a
>cab (a cab ride down can also be a bit expensive).
>Directions from San Jose airport or San Francisco airport are available at
>the following URL:
>Here is a list of some nearby restaurants (all within a few minutes drive):
>Dish Dash - Sunnyvale (Mediteranean - Lebonese)
>Birk's - Santa Clara (California Style) Upscale
>Faultline Brewery - Santa Clara (California Style)
>Stoddard's Brewery - Sunnyvale (California Style)
>Evvia - Palo Alto (Meditereanean) Upscale
>El Fornio - Palo Alto (Italian)
>Wild Hare - Menlo Park (California) Upscale
>(McDonald's is also nearby)
>I'll supply directions/handouts at the actual meeting.
>Here are two nearby hotels that Vitria uses:
>(This is the closest - walking distance.)
>  1080 STEWART DR
>  408-720-8893
>  408-720-8749
>  RATE - 129.00
>RATE - 129.00
>Let me know if you need any more information!
>John Evdemon
>CTO - XML/Director of Engineering

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