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Subject: ballot results

Here are the results of the ballots to date. 

1. Ballot on whether our current DRAFT charter,  should be our official charter.  (This included changing our name to the "OASIS/ebXML Registry Technical Committee".) - Approved

2. Ballot: Update RIM based on "Gallagher, Najmi, Stojanovic Proposal"
  Statement: " The RIM and RS should be updated to reflect (only) the
 proposed changes to Figures 1 and 2 of the RIM and all relevant text. The
 "Gallagher, Najmi, Stojanovic Proposal" is considered to be (1) the 2
 figures emailed to the TC and (2) the single email message describing the
 changes (sent by Najmi to the TC). All changes to the specifications made
 as a result of this ballot will be highlighted in the
 specifications. Passage of this ballot does not imply that the proposed
 changes are agreed to by the TC. A separate ballot will be issued to
 approve/disapprove the changes." - Approved

3. Ballot: Create T-models for registering ebXML Registries
Statement: "The OASIS/ebXML Registry TC should create appropriate
T-model(s) that would be beneficial to OASIS/ebXML Registries in
registering and defining OASIS/ebXML Registries in UDDI Registries. The
OASIS/ebXML Registry TC determines the definition of 'beneficial
T-model(s)." - Approved

4. Ballot: Liaison to UDDI
Statement: "The OASIS/ebXML Registry TC should accept the offer of Joel
Munter (Intel) to serve as the TC's liaison to the UDDI effort." - Approved

I can provide the numbers during the conference call if anyone is interested.  Ballots 1 and 2 were unanimous.   Ballots 3 and 4 were not unanimous but fairly close to it.


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