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Subject: Fw: ZDNet: What's the next move for Sun's Web services?

Message text written by Chaemee Kim
>Dear all,

This is Chaemee working for KTNET.
KTNET is investing a lot for ebXML as a next generation platform of Service
The more implementing the components of ebXML, the more we lost confidency
cause of broadness and complexity of ebXML Spec.

I'd like to know ebXML's strategy about UDDI, .NET, ...
ebXML Registry TC is trying to figure out how to incoperate with UDDI in
ebXML Registry.
I'd like to know each company's strategy for ebXML.

Let me know your opinion ! Do you really think ebXML can succeed in the
Global Market?

Good Luck!


You have to realize you are working with version 1.0 - and that 
we are expecting implementers to provide feedback to
us on what is missing and what needs fixed.

I realize that some mechanisms of feedback and move forward
are less clear - but steps are underway to address that.

As for Registry - we obviously have strong group here.

For other pieces like Core Components and Business Process
this is less clear - but there are groups working on this and 
the www.ebtwg.org web site can put you in touch to those.

There are now also significant industry groups committed to
making ebXML work - and this will take time.

Rome was not built in one day!

Thanks, DW.

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