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Subject: Updated ROWS proposal ...


Attached is an updated ROWS proposal. The change is to reword "Business
to "Service" such that there is no confusion about the business use case
overlap of
the ROWS proposal with the UDDI proposal. 
An example business use case targeted by the proposal is outlined in the
section 4
of the proposal. I have cut-pasted the use case below for your convenience.
I hope this 
use case is clear enough to stand for the primary objective of the proposal 
i.e. Service is a very commonly used object and providing first class
support to Service 
will be great value add in making the ebXML Registry readily useful
(out-of-the-box complete 
solution without requiring additional Registry software).
A business organization provides an OfficeProductsPurchasing "Service" to
its internal users. The service can be accessed by individuals working in
the organization using the web interface. The same service can also be
accessed by automated purchasing processes in the organization. The web
interface relies on a SOAP/WSDL based "Service Binding" of the Purchasing
service. The Purchasing service also provides an IIOP based "Service
Binding" for the automated business processes in the organization.
The SOAP/WSDL based service binding makes use of the SOAP, WSDL and HTTP
technical "Specifications".  Each of these specifications requires a set of
runtime parameters ex. HTTP URL. The set of runtime parameters for each
technical specification can be perceived as a "Specification Link" between
the technical specification and the instance of service binding.

Sanjay Patil
Total Business Integration (TM) 
Phone: 408 350 9619                                 http://www.iona.com


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