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Subject: RE: [regrep] Pre-defined Association Types: Issues and Proposal

Message text written by "Berry, Nicholas F"
> I'm thinking the user may not know
that this search is even a possibility without text on the asset record
explaining such.  This is process-heavy.  What about a simple hyperlink on
the record display which says "Relationships," wherein upon clicking, the
user is shown a page of relationships that asset possesses.  The data does
not have to be redundant; it can be referred/retrieved by the method you
suggest.  I haven't heard much in this committee regarding UIs.<



Our job is not to tell vendors how to build a UI here!

The focus has been on creating the backend underpinning
to support a variety of business functional products deployed
in front of the Registry.

What we do need to ensure is that functional components
exist to support what we expect are come functions and

No user is EVER going to key in specific object requests,
all those mechanics will be handled by the backend 

Thanks, DW.

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