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Subject: [regrep] change to vote procedures

Hello All,

It was pointed out to me by Karl Best at OASIS that specific ballot 
votes/results should be made public.  The OASIS Procedure document states 
the need for a pointer to vote accountability by the TC for a document 
being put forward for OASIS Membership ballot; however it is silent on the 
inner workings of the TC.  My reason for not requiring everyone to send 
their votes to the TC list was to keep the traffic down.  However,  I'm 
inclined to go with the spirit of the OASIS procedures.  Therefor, future 
ballots will require members to post their votes to the TC list.  In 
separate messages I will be posting the ballot results for the Query and 
ROWS proposals.  I will include voting member names and their ballots.


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