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Subject: Re: [regrep] Re-ballot of Query Proposal

Please indicate your vote as Approve, Disapprove or Abstain to the Proposal.
Here is the list of my comments:
1) There is a chance that RIM will be changed as the outcome of the many issues discussed at the F2F.  In that case this proposal would be outdated and we need to decide whether we vote on updated version again or comment on its content when we comment on the specs.
2) As stated in the proposal itself, we need to update 'SQL Query support' section as well.
3) RegistryObjectQuery support. I think that we need to support querying at the RegistryObject level in order to cover that segment of RIM.
4) If not using RIM names explain why and what is the naming convention.
5) I think we need to produce XML Schema that is compliant with this proposal.
6) It is not clear for me what is the difference between ReturnRegistryEntry and ReturnRepositoryItem. Maybe I am confused by the names, but I'd expect that first one returns RegistryEntry attributes (shallow) and the other one returns the content of RepositoryItem (deep) as well. BTW, I couldn't find RegistryEntry element definition.
Line 32: Explain semantics of inheritance querying. Reason: helps readers with understanding the spec
Line 131 (and the rest of the doc): change 'id' to something like 'uniformName'. Reason: avoid confusion -> id is used in RIM for something else
Line 295: (and the rest of the doc): 'continue to the next step'(?) instead of 'continue below'. Reason: not clear enough what 'below' means
Line 731: Don't remove section 8.2.5 even if we are going to remove support for RegistryPackageQuery. Reason: explain how to query RegistryPackage as a RegistryEntry
Line 1088: Include an example of the 'ReturnRegistryEntryResult'
Line 212: Change all Branches, ... that start with 'Has'. Reason: Naming convention is not consistent
Line 230: Change all Branches, ... that start with 'From'. Reason: Naming convention is not consistent
Line 239: Change all Branches, ... that start with 'Xpath' to 'XPath'. Reason: matches the original name
Line 939: Change element name 'Classification' to 'Classifications' (same applies to other element names under the 'RegistryEntryMetadata'). Reason: consistent naming
Line 36: (and the rest of the doc): Change 'Return' to 'Get' in 'ReturnRegistryEntry' and 'ReturnRepositoryItem'
Line 427: use something else then org as NID for urn (same applies to other similar instances in the doc). Reason: not likely to be a formal NID
Line 934: Change element name 'ReturnRegistryEntryResult' to 'RegistryEntryResult' or something like that
Nikola Stojanovic
Lead Technologist, Research and Development
Encoda Systems Inc.
101 Pineview Terrace
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Tel: 607-273-2224

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