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Subject: Re: [regrep] RE: Updated ROWS proposal ...

Message text written by Dan Chang

I agree with your objections to this proposal. It is strange and
non-uniform to make ebXML Registry a general purpose registry AND a
business service registry.

I am also deeply concerned that this proposal explicitly
duplicates/overlaps UDDI functionality. I believe the industry is better
served with a single set of complementary and consistent specifications
rather than with multiple specifications having duplicate/overlapping

Regards,  Dan<



The two teams are focused on different peices (or should be).

Problem is - we've not actually demarced this - or set in place
a true collaboration committee or working mechanisms.

We asked for this six months ago, we asked for it a year ago 
when UDDI was launched.

If you don;t build a bridge, then two towns will develop on
separate sides of the river.

Its a classic situation.

It would be excellent if IBM could lead a go forward plan here,
but I'm not sure there is any incentive to do this right now.

It appears to me there are now lukewarm bridge building
analysis in place - which states the cost of building the 
bridge is not worth the returns or benefits and would
take resources away from building other more needed
pieces in the short-term.

All makes sense to me.   But I expect these metrics could
change soon - so be prepared to re-assess when they 

Thanks, DW.

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