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Subject: re: [regrep] TC chairman requirements

Message text written by Anne Fischer
>What are the requirements for becoming a TC chair? <


I'd list some of the key requirements as:

Total disregard for ones own health, safety and general well-being!

Dedicated to spending long hours in airports and hotels.

Able to sound enthusiastic on a conference call at 5am in the 
morning local time.

Able to keep unruly participants in line with dosiers on their 
less seemly dank past.

Ability to read thousands of lines of spec's, UML and
XML and still keep focused on the ball in hand.

Pleasant smile and authoritative voice.

Able to put up with a thankless task without hope of
promotion, recognition or other tributes.

Owed excessive number of favours by legions of 
tireless worker bees.

Who is Rik Drummond anyway - with a name like that
sound like he's from Texas or somewhere?

Did I mention that person had to reside above
the 39th parallel?


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