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Subject: Fwd: [regrep] list of proposals

Same list with an indication of changes to the RIM or the RS.  Please 
correct if wrong.


>I think these approved proposals can be done in any order.  If anyone 
>knows why a specific ordering based on cascading changes, please let the 
>editors know immediately!!
>-Security Proposal - Suresh  (model in RIM, spreadsheet changes to RS)
>-Update Objects Proposal - Neal Smith (minor changes in RIM, section 
>additions and changes in RS)
>-Extramural Association Proposal - Farrukh (changes in RIM)
>-Internationalization Update - Farrukh (this was based on an email from 
>Farrukh) (changes in RIM)
>-Improved External Classification Support - Len (changes in RIM)
>-GetLevelNumber() method on ClassificationNode class - OOPS! This should 
>be 'Len' (Changes in RIM)
>-Pre-defined Association Types - Len (changes in RIM)
>-Specification for getPath method in ClassificationNode - Farrukh (Changes 
>in RIM)
>-Submitting & Responsible Org methods for ebRIM - Len (changes in RIM)
>-ROWS Proposal - Sanjay (changes in RIM and RS)
>These should be integrated into the spec after the above approved 
>proposals have been integrated (especially the RIM changes).  Most likely 
>Nikola's RO Filter Query will subsume Len's RE Filter Query Proposal (and 
>contain the Xpath proposal as well.)
>- RegistryEntry Filter Query Proposal - Len (changes in RS)
>- RegistryObject Filter Query Proposal - Nikola (changes in RS)
>- Xpath Subset Syntax for Filter Query - Farrukh (changes in RS)
>This should be done last since it is finalizing the schema.
>- RAWS Proposal - Farrukh (changes in RIM and RS?)
>Anne and Sally:  Len is out of town. I'm working on compiling his specific 
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