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Subject: [regrep] Minutes of teleconference

Minutes of the OASIS/ebXML Registry Working Group Meeting

Joe Chiusano
Suresh Damodaran
Mike DeNicola
Anne Fischer
Len Gallagher
Farrukh Najmi
Joel Neu
Sanjay Patil
Neal Smith
Nikola Stojanovic
Prasad Yendluri
Lisa Carnahan, Chair

1. There was discussion regarding the confusion of whether we have one or 
two sub-teams working in the area of registry-to-registry 
communication.  Many members thought that we had two sub-teams; one working 
on UDDI-related issues, and one working on registry-to-registry 
communication.  Therefor, we will operate with two sub-teams.  The UDDI 
sub-team, led by Joel Munter, will focus on developing the TModels 
necessary to register ebXML registries within the UDDI registry system, and 
move forward the action items that were developed as part of Joel's 
briefing at the F2F.  The Cooperating Registry sub-team, led by Farrukh 
Najmi, will focus on the interfaces necessary for registry-to-registry 
communication (excluding UDDI communication; which will fall under the UDDI 
sub-team).  The TC should recognize that after the initial action items of 
the UDDI sub-team have been completed, we will have overlap of the two 
sub-teams regarding communication with non-ebXML registries. This issue 
will need to be revisited later.

2. November 26 is the date that the documents are due to be completed and 
the date that the ballot for the documents will be posted.  The only 
outstanding item to be drafted is the Registry Object Filter Query section.

3. Joe Chiusano and Kathryn Breininger will discuss off-line the areas of 
the CC world they are involved in.  Hopefully both can serve as our 
liaisons into the various CC groups.  Joe Chiusano is our liaison to UBL.

4. Joe Chiusano will send out a pointer (or the document) of the latest CC 
document to the TC list.

4. Our next meeting will be Thursday, Novmeber 29 at 4:00 Eastern.


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