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Subject: [regrep] Fwd: Minutes of teleconference

Revision: Kathryn Breininger also present.


>Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 08:15:14 -0500
>To: regrep@lists.oasis-open.org
>From: Lisa Carnahan <lisa.carnahan@nist.gov>
>Subject: Minutes of teleconference
>Minutes of the OASIS/ebXML Registry Working Group Meeting
>Joe Chiusano
>Suresh Damodaran
>Mike DeNicola
>Anne Fischer
>Len Gallagher
>Farrukh Najmi
>Joel Neu
>Sanjay Patil
>Neal Smith
>Nikola Stojanovic
>Prasad Yendluri
>Lisa Carnahan, Chair
>1. There was discussion regarding the confusion of whether we have one or 
>two sub-teams working in the area of registry-to-registry 
>communication.  Many members thought that we had two sub-teams; one 
>working on UDDI-related issues, and one working on registry-to-registry 
>communication.  Therefor, we will operate with two sub-teams.  The UDDI 
>sub-team, led by Joel Munter, will focus on developing the TModels 
>necessary to register ebXML registries within the UDDI registry system, 
>and move forward the action items that were developed as part of Joel's 
>briefing at the F2F.  The Cooperating Registry sub-team, led by Farrukh 
>Najmi, will focus on the interfaces necessary for registry-to-registry 
>communication (excluding UDDI communication; which will fall under the 
>UDDI sub-team).  The TC should recognize that after the initial action 
>items of the UDDI sub-team have been completed, we will have overlap of 
>the two sub-teams regarding communication with non-ebXML registries. This 
>issue will need to be revisited later.
>2. November 26 is the date that the documents are due to be completed and 
>the date that the ballot for the documents will be posted.  The only 
>outstanding item to be drafted is the Registry Object Filter Query section.
>3. Joe Chiusano and Kathryn Breininger will discuss off-line the areas of 
>the CC world they are involved in.  Hopefully both can serve as our 
>liaisons into the various CC groups.  Joe Chiusano is our liaison to UBL.
>4. Joe Chiusano will send out a pointer (or the document) of the latest CC 
>document to the TC list.
>4. Our next meeting will be Thursday, Novmeber 29 at 4:00 Eastern.

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