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Subject: [regrep] RS document

	I have completed version 1.02 of the Registry specification.  I have put it
in pdf format and sent it to the oasis webmaster for posting.  Hopefully,
this will happen sometime this morning.  I'm not really sure of the process
here so any info would be helpful.

There have been many changes to the document this week.  So many, in fact,
that you may not even recognize it.  Because of the effort for content
changes, I have not had the opportunity to update many of the cross
references.  I will do that this week.  Also, the UML diagrams still need to
be updated.

Sally - where can everyone get your form so that they may submit changes to
the document?  Its use will be required this week.

A BIG thanks to everyone who worked over the Holiday to get this done!

Anne A. Fischer
Drummond Group, Inc.

Overview of Changes:

Section 6: RAWs proposal
	This section was reworked to include an abstract service definition,
LifeCycleManager Interface, and QueryManager Interface.

Section 7: UpdateObjects Protocol added
	Thank you Neal for using Sally's form.  It helped amazing amounts.

Section 8: Filter Query

Per Nikola: Here is the list of items that are addressed in the Filter Query

- DTD Definitions are replaced with XML Schema definitions that are
compliant with current approach of having three different XML Schema files:
rim.xsd, rs.xsd and query.xsd. Semantic rules and names are changed where

- Some additional explanations are introduced like how to use 'visible
attributes' of RIM methods. One such attribute is "path" attribute of the
Classification class, which is derived from getPath method of the same
class. Same is with "levelNumber" that is derived from getLevelNumber in
ClassificationNode class.

- While almost all examples are retained from the previous proposal, they
are now redone to comply with the new schemas. They are also complete (with
Clauses) and when validated by Turbo XML and/or XSV don't show any errors.

- New element "ResponseOption" is introduced in order to support different
granularity of returned (meta)data.

- Queries follow the RIM inheritance dependency and return results follow
definitions in rim.xsd. There are no views anymore.

- Support for RegistryObjectQuery is included. Other new queries that are
introduced: ClassificationSchemeQuery, ExtrinsicObjectQuery and

- Path Filter Expression write-up is added under ClassificationNodeQuery

Some other items that need attention:

- Current proposal doesn't support the functionality of returning
Associations, AuditableEvents and ExternalLinks with the associated
RegistryObject instance (it relies on rim.xsd structures for result types).
Previous one has options to support this functionality in

- Current proposal doesn't support the functionality of returning recursive
associated objects. Previous one has an option in ReturnRepositoryItem to
define the depth of the returned association recursion; it didn't return
back associations themselves with the involved repository items.

- It was considered to write 'generic semantic rules' section that would
cover all the specific semantic rules, but due to lack of time this was not

- If there are some representative examples that might improve understanding
of the spec, it shouldn't be difficult to create them.

- There are few unresolved issues related to schemas and RIM; they would be
addressed on Monday.

Section 9: Security
	Changes made per the XLS document that was generated at the f2f

Appendix A: Registry.wsdl & RegistrySOAPBinding.wsdl added
Appendix B: DTD replaced with schemas: rim.xsd, query.xsd, & rs.xsd

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