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Subject: [regrep] Kammerer cross-post

While I do not wish to speak for Mr. Kammerer directly, I did choose to
cross-post his recent note to our Oasis Registry TC list.  He raises some
good points that I believe that we must address in the Version 2 set of
Oasis ebXML TC registry specifications.

Speaking of an Open-EDI framework, where buyers "discover" sellers, I
am reminded of the ebXML Registry and Repository specification which
assumed this would be the normal mode of e-business.  Even in the last
draft document developed by ebXML's Reg Rep successor,  the OASIS
Registry TC, "OASIS/ebXML Registry Services Specification v1.02 DRAFT,"
(26 November 2001), we still have the ridiculous scenario which
originally caused my fur to rise:

   5.2.4 Buyer Discovers The Seller. The buyer browses the Registry
   using Classification schemes defined within the Registry using
   a Registry Browser GUI tool to discover a suitable seller. For
   example the buyer may look for all parties that are in the
   Automotive Industry, play a seller role, support the RosettaNet
   PIP3A4 process and sell Car Stereos. The buyer discovers the
   seller's CPP and decides to engage in a partnership with the

   5.2.5 CPA Is Established. The buyer unilaterally creates a
   Collaboration Protocol Agreement or CPA as defined by [ebCPP]
   with the seller using the seller's CPP and their own CPP as
   input. The buyer proposes a trading relationship to the seller
   using the unilateral CPA. The seller accepts the proposed CPA
   and the trading relationship is established. Once the seller
   accepts the CPA, the parties may begin to conduct B2B
   transactions as defined by [ebMS].

I commented on this as far back in January:

   I notice that the AIAG is represented among the Reg Rep
   participants.  I might be all wet. I don't know the auto
   business. But c'mon:  would Volkswagen really "discover"
   car stereos this way?  Or is it just because VW doesn't
   have ebXML - to show them they have alternatives - that
   they've put Bosch radios and spark plugs, etc. etc. in
   every VW since the Third Reich? The manufacturers'
   supply chain partnerships are based on long-standing
   relationships involving trust.  Just look at Ford and
   Firestone - it took a trauma like the exploding radials
   to break apart a 98-year company partnership, which
   included Ford-Firestone dynastic marriages along the way!
   This "discovery" crap sounds like e-marketplace hype which
   only analysts and VC would swallow. If Ford wants to
   "discover" a direct supplier, their own buyers and
   engineers know where to look - they don't need ebXML.


Joel Munter
Intel / eBusiness Solutions Lab
(480) 552-3076
(602) 790-0924 (cell)

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