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Subject: [regrep] Association and Classification Queries

ebXML Registry team,

Here is a change that I'd like to propose, which affects the FilterQuery
functionality. It involves introducing AssociationQuery and
ClassificationQuery. AssociationQuery would be very simple (it inherits from
RegistryObject and have an AssociationFilter element). ClassificationQuery
is basically the same as existing ClassificationBranch.

Reasons for this additions are:
1) simplification of AssociationBranchType semantic rules.
2) support for queries like: <Find all classifications that are under the
NAICS taxonomy/> and <Find all associations of the type "Supersedes"/>.

Here is what needs to be changed:
- query.xsd  -> changed query.xsd file is attached .
- RS1.08 -> proposed changes (in Sally's format) are in the attached file

If Anne, as the editor, thinks that these changes cannot go in, or if
anybody else has some objections to this changes, I'd be happy to retract
this proposal.


Nikola Stojanovic
Lead Technologist, Research and Development
Encoda Systems, Inc.
101 Pineview Terrace
Ithaca, NY 14850 USA
Tel: 607-273-2224



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