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Subject: [regrep] Conference calls

Thank you Lisa for your leadership and guidance of our Technical Committee.
You have assisted us in pulling together, coming to agreement, and resolving
issues through version 2 of the ebXML Registry specs, and it is through your
leadership that this was accomplished in such a timely manner.  Thank you
for all your hard work!

I also wish to thank the committee members for their confidence and support
in electing me as the new Chair. I ask you to be patient with me as I learn
about the responsibilities of being Chair, and invite you to contact me at
anytime with questions, comments, or criticism!

Now for the subject:
I have set up telecon phone numbers for our next meeting on December 20th
and through May 30th.  These are scheduled for bi-weekly on Thursdays,
starting at 1:00 Pacific Time (4:00 Eastern Time). 

USA domestic toll free number: 1-888-791-6235
International phone number: 712-257-3539
Passcode: 99197#

Let me know if you have any questions.  I look forward to continuing to work
with all of you!


Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

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