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Subject: RE: [regrep] ebXML Registry 2.0 review - feedback

Hi Chaemee,

>(3) In 9.7. Access Control, there is only 3 role as Content owner,
registry administrator, registry guest.
>However, there is no consistency between 5.3. Registry Users, Table1.
Actors and Table11. Role.
>I think it's better to have some consistency to describe the role of

Thanks for the useful feedback.

The table in section 9.7 does not list all the actors listed in 
the table in section 5.3. Further, a new role, "ContentOwner" is 
present in Section 9.7. This might be confusing, but was not an oversight.

The last but one bullet in Section 9.7 clarifies
and maps the ContentOwner to an actor in Section 5.3 (to Submitting
Note that if Registry distinguishes between SO and Responsible Organization,
it might assign ContentOwner role to a ResponsibleOrganization as well.
in V2, the other sections assume SO and RO to be the same. 

The best solution is to list out all "leaf" actors and permissions in 9.7
(and remove "ContentOwner" as a role). Section 9.7 would benefit from a
complete rewrite,
but we were hoping to do a full rewrite when access control revamp is
In any case, I can help to do a minor rewrite of this section now to improve


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