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Subject: RE: [regrep] Teleconference call reminder

Kathryn, et al

I ask to be excused from today's meeting.  Due to a scheduling conflict, I
will now be unavailable.  Please review the website, we appear to be missing
meeting minutes for every meeting after 12 July.  I offer the following in
lieu of not attending today's meeting.

STATUS: I have loaded two test tModels on the V1 test UDDI Business Registry
at Microsoft.  They are based on the previous presentations and discussions
that we have had.  I hope to get some test "businesses" and test "services"
referencing these tModels loaded before the end of the year.  You can view
the tModels on UDDI by accessing the search screen at
http://test.uddi.microsoft.com/search.aspx, enter the string "ebXML" in the
"Search for" field, change the "in" dropdown selection field to "tModel by
Name" and hit the enter key or click on the ">" button.  I plan to post the
XML for the existing tModels to the website soon.

DECISION: As there are very few "Production" class ebXML registries based on
the ebXML v1.0 specifications out there, we should immediately review and
determine if redefining these tModels directly to Oasis ebXML Registry V2.0
specifications makes more sense.  Let's discuss this on the
cooperating-registries list.


-----Original Message-----
From: Breininger, Kathryn R [mailto:kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 10:07 AM
To: 'ebXML Regrep'
Subject: [regrep] Teleconference call reminder

This is a reminder for our teleconference call for Thursday, December 20th
at 1:00 Pacific Time (4:00 Eastern Time).

USA domestic toll free number: 1-888-791-6235
International phone number: 712-257-3539
Passcode: 99197#

Talk to you all then!

Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

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