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Subject: re: [regrep] X12 Seattle Conference

Message text written by "CHIUSANO, Joseph"
Hi All,

I was asked this during a recent UBL call: is anyone from our committee
planning to attend the X12 Seattle conference, 2/3 to 2/8?  There is also
ebTWG meeting during that week.  I am not able to attend.

If you are, please let me know as some UBL folks may find it beneficial to
have a representative from our committee there to field potential



I will definately be there.  I'm chairing the CCR WG - and I believe it
would be very beneficial to have some of the UBL folks attend 
a look-n-learn between us and also from the Reg-Rep side.

Jon Bosak and I presented in Vegas last week - and I'm seeing
significant progress toward bridging all the various needs here.
Our two talks made sense side by side.

Martin Roberts from BT has been very instrumental in the technical
side of all this with his work on the CCR implementation.

So I'd be happy to do some coordination here and report back
to the group with some followup technical notes once we get
back from Seattle.

Thanks, DW.

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