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Subject: [regrep] Re: Core Components Specifications

Message text written by Sandy Klausner
>We must fundamentally address this system complexity management issue if
there is any hope of creating a scalable set of 'core components' suitable
as a global substrate to create large-scale electronic commerce. It appears
that an executable design medium could address many of these
challenges to create a scalable technology usable by both domain experts as
well as software developers. Is there anyone listening on this thread
interested in exploring effective solutions to this most fundamental issue?


The approach the CCR group is building is to use the ebXML Registry
to ameloriate this gap.

Its not perfect - but applying the 80: 20 rule it gets us a long way down
the road,
and the CCR/ CRI structure provides the facilitation.

So - as I noted to Joe earlier - by using the built-in classification and
mechanisms in the Registry you can discover components and their
relations to ones you are using.  You also group together new and useful
combinations, and subversion as necessary. 

The trick is then to automate this directly into your UML tools so they can
consume from the registry - and also populate to.

To fully close that last 20% will need XMI and CRI to harminize at least at
the content level - if not structurally (one can be morphed to the other
the context and semantics are close enough).   We are on the path to do
and we've done some initial 'look see' to establish metrics and feasiblity.

As I noted previously though - right now XMI is a moving target, and CRI -
while the main pieces are there - will need further refinement.

So for now - I'm seeing we have more than enough with CRI and Registry
to do serious work and provide real working solutions within the ebXML
Registry.  Just doing that  will also help dramatically solve the
and give us empirical known content to work off - learn and improve.

This is a naturally iteritive process.  So I guess the answer to your 
question is "Yes" - please join the CCR group work!

Thanks, DW.

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