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Subject: RE: [regrep] V3 Proposal: Namespace Manager Function

Message text written by "Munter, Joel D"
You offer a valid Use Case.  Are you proposing the Namespace Manager
Functionality as an alternative to Content Based Queries?  Or just as an
adjunct to it?  From FN's recent comments and my own understanding, it
appears as though, you will satisfy your "customers" requests if a
cognizant Content-based query capability is introduced into the tools
into the specifications themselves.


On a logical level - the Classification scheme is a namespace mechanism.

I'm musing here - that a more generalized approach will be more 
broadly applicable to a wide range of problem sets.

Its really the "path" on the classification that you are traversing.  
Since the
filtered query already allows us to reference that metadata, this seems
a logical use of that capability.

It makes me nervous to underpin something on hardwired values, when a
more elegant approach is available.  Notice if the namespace physical value
changes you only have to go to one place in the metadata for the
scheme to change that one value.

From the end users perspective I'm sure they'd much rather deal with

 DOD / EMALL /  Spare Parts / Batteries

Than  http://dod.mil/emall/andromeda/proxy/source/bin/prod/action.jsp

and similar.  Then the filtered query on Classification.properties =
is also very nice.


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