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Subject: [regrep] Announcing JAXR API Proposed Final Draft available

The Java Community Process (www.jcp.org) would like to alert the OASIS
ebXML Registry
community to the publication of the Proposed Final Draft of a
specification for Java API for XML
Registries (JAXR).

The JAXR specification provides a simple Java API for accessing OASIS
ebXML and other
registries, and will help to promote the use of OASIS ebXML registries
within the Java
developer community.

This version of the specification provides a near final and stable
version of the JAXR API with
comprehensive support  for the version 2 of the OASIS ebXML Registry

Given your unique in-depth knowledge and experience with ebXML
the members of the JCP welcome your input on the JAXR specification.

Details about the JAXR specification may be found at:


The specification may be downloaded from:

Please do not post follow-up discussions of JAXR on an OASIS mailing

Detailed discussions on JAXR may be conducted at the JAXR developer
forum at:

Thank you for your consideration.



Farrukh Najmi, JAXR Expert Group lead and OASIS ebXML Registry
participant, Sun Microsystems
Peter Kacandes, OASIS ebXML participant, Sun Microsystems

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