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Subject: [regrep] FW: [chairs] relations with W3C

Message text written by "Breininger, Kathryn R"
Since Karl needs this before our next meeting, please send your comments or
concerns about liaison relationships with a W3C working group or other
activity to our list, and I will compile the comments by end of day Tuesday
and forward them to Karl as a package from our TC.


I guess comments make sense at two levels - one is general and the other
is specific to Registry and XML.

1) On the general level it is good that W3C and OASIS are looking to 
     collaborate on fostering XML use and XML based specification
    In the past it has been impossible for OASIS groups to pass technical
    comments and priorities to W3C WG's to help steer better and more 
    applicable W3C work.

2) Specifically for Registry - on the plus side things like XLink and
XQuery are
     timely and good technologies for underpinning Registry.

     On the minus side - the W3C schema work is blithely building a
     universe - that while being extolled for better eBusiness use - infact
     some fundamental issues of scale and deployability precisely because
     they are ignoring ability to interface to a Registry and use
     like UID to couple to business semantics.

     Notice by contrast that RELAX provides for type libraries that could
     use the Registry.

     Therefore I would like to see W3C schema making changes to their
      practice and implementation model to take advantage of Registry
      instead of creating a whole parallel complex and difficult to 
      deploy world of components that would be redundant or simplified
      with support for the Registry model.

Cheers, DW.

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