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Subject: re: [regrep] FW: Reg Rep Requirement for UID scheme - Question?

Message text written by "Breininger, Kathryn R"
>> MY original note:
> I attempted to contribute the Aerospace Industry UDEF Code to the Core
> Component team as a logical identification method for the Core Components
> Universal ID requirement.  I was assured that the UID was only a
> numbering scheme to be assigned for "CCs in work".  The CC leadership
> deferred to the Registry and Repository Team (in OASIS) for actual
> consideration of any logical UID.  They said that Reg Rep folks were
> already looking at a more logical identification scheme, such as UDEF,
> final UID of CCs.  However, the OASIS RegRep folks are the ones who
> specified that the UID is to be 6 digits.  It sounds like a buck passing
> exercise.  (Do we have anyone who can track down the facts?)  Kathryn??
> Thanks
> Tom


I should be available for the call tomorrow (gosh - my schedule for once is

The UID is deliberately designed to be simple and lightweight - and
cheap and easy to assign.  UDEF on the otherhand is expensive and complex
to assign (while of course having alot more inherent meaning).

The UID has three parts :  alpha prefix, 6 digit numeric, with optional 
colon, then major: minor version suffix,
so a UN Core Component  might be:  UNCC078001:01:00

However - here is the good news - in the CCR work (core component
we had already taken into account these needs by providing the ability to
maintain legacy references such as UDEF or EDI element number, as well
as the UID - since we anticipate most people will want multiple index

an XML fragment of this section of the CCR content would be:


   <Identifier type="UID" value="OAG010010"></Identifier>
   <Identifier type="UDEF" value="A-034-7BC"></Identifier>


We're currently revamping the CCR structure to reflex the latest CC spec'
naming conventions and design details - but this identifier piece is 
part of the metainformation header that every CCR entry needs to carry.

Thanks, DW.

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