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Subject: re: [regrep] FW: Reg Rep Requirement for UID scheme - Question?

Message text written by Duane Nickull
>The current scheme of 

UID="urn:uri:com-xmlglobal-registry:foo808112"  can make use of the 
logical UID David talks about, and includes the location identifier (as 
the URL), but still does not specify it is an ebXML registry.  The way 
ot fix that may be to namepsace qualify the UID as such:


or other use of qnames. <



Count me in.  I'm very against embedding XML syntax clutter into the
UID itself.   Lots of strong reasons - some of which you note - what 
happens when the registry changes / moves, when you want 
matching searches, when you want parent/child roadmaps, etc.

Anyway - clearly the UID itself should be a simple label that is
neutral to wire-format plumbing mechanics.

As my example showed - the other way to do this is to separate
out the taxonomy and address referencing stuff as attributes.
I've included extended example below - ( the original example
assumed all references were local to the same registry ).

Using extended optional attributes has the strong ability to 
support changing taxonomy details
while not requiring complete re-tooling of the UID itself.

Thanks, DW.


   <Identifier type="UID" value="OAG010010" 
                       taxonomy="ebXML" registry="default"></Identifier>
   <Identifier type="UDEF" value="A-034-7BC" 
                       taxonomy="ebXML" registry="default"></Identifier>


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