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Subject: [regrep] Minutes - April 4 Meeting

OASIS/ebXML Registry Technical Committee
Conference Call Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2002  4:30 Eastern


Kathryn Breininger, Boeing (Chair)
Lisa Carnahan, NIST
Joseph M. Chiusano, LMI
Suresh Damodaran, Sterling Commerce
Anne Fischer, Drummond Group
Joel Munter, Intel
Farrukh Najmi, Sun Microsystems
Joel Neu, Vitria Technologies
Sanjay Patil, IONA
Nikola Stojanovic, Individual Member
Yutaka Yoshida, Sun Microsystems

David Webber, XML Global

1. Minute taker
2. Approval of minutes from last meeting
3. Work Items (be thinking about which priority 1 items you would  like to 
work on)
4. Discussion of UID e-mail message
5. Subteam reports
6. Other issues
7. Next meeting

1. Lisa Carnahan served as the minute taker.

2. Approval of minutes from last meeting - Joel Munter mentioned his email 
message where he expressed concerns raised from an item in the minutes from 
the last meeting (not about the correctness of what was written.) 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/regrep/200203/msg00050.html .  He 
indicated that he was satisfied with the response to the message.  The 
minutes were approved.

3. Work items - The TC discussed the work items found at: 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/regrep/200203/msg00044.html.  The TC 
focused on the Priority 1 and Priority 2 items.  The following list 
contains the current make-up of volunteers for each item.  If you are 
interested in working on these items, contact the champion.  The Priority 3 
items will be discussed at the next meeting.

Priority 1 Items:
#1 - Backward Compatibility: The proposal for each work item should address 
how it affects backward compatibility and if so, how bc will be addressed.

#5 - Content-based query: Farrukh (champion), Joel Chiusano

#8 - Cursor support in QueryManager interface: Farrukh (champion)

#12 - URI interface to Reg/Rep: Farrukh (champion); Sanjay, Suresh, Matt 
Mackenzie (XMLGlobal)

#18 User Defined Objects: Farrukh (champion); Nikola

#19 URN Assignment to Registry Objects; Joe Chiusano (champion); Farrukh

Priority 2 Items:

#6 SO Defined Access Control Policies: Sanjay (champion); Suresh

#7 Federated Registries (cooperating - ljc); Farrukh (champion); Sanjay

#11 Event Notification; Nikola (champion); Farrukh, Joe Chiusano, Katherine

#13 Namespace Manager Function; Joe Chiusano (champion); Farrukh

The following email lists will be used for the relevant work item:
Item 8 - Cursor support
Item 12 - URI Interface
Item 5 - Content based query

Item 7 - Federated registries regrep-notification:
Item 11 - Event notification regrep-security:
Item 6 - Access Control

regrep-infomodel (to be added):
Item 18 - User defined registry objects
Item 19 - RUN assignment to registry objects
Item 13 - Namespace manager

4. Discussion of UID e-mail message - The TC discussed the question that 
was raised in 
http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/regrep/200204/msg00016.html .  The 
short answer is that the BP and CC folks can make use of the External 
Identifier functionality to correspond a meaningful (i.e., human 
understandable relative to a DCE 128 bit identifier) unique identifier to a 
registered item.  David Webber agreed to respond to the original author 
with a clarifying explanation.

5. Subteam reports - Minute taker missed this item. However the CC sub-team 
had a conference call scheduled for the day after this TC meeting.

6. Other issues - Katherine mentioned that there will be an upcoming press 
release on the SourceForge implementation.  The announcement will be linked 
from the News section of the TC's page.  Lisa reminded the TC that anyone 
who had a press release that relates to the TC or its work items may have 
their press release linked from the News section.

7. Next meeting will be Thursday, April 18th at 1:30 Pacific time.

Send comments or corrections regarding these minutes to the TC mailing list.


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