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Subject: [regrep] Minutes from telecon July 11, 2002

Here are the minutes from our telecon last week.


John Bekisz - Software AG - New Member - Listening in
Joe Chiusano
Suresh Damodaran
Sally Fuger
Mike Kass
Matt MacKenzie
Nikola Stojanovic
Joe was chairing the meeting.
1. Minute taker

2. Approval of minutes from last meeting
No comments -> approved.

3. Editor needed (Anne had job change)
John has asked about Editor's responsibilities. Nikola and Sally briefly explained what the responsibility of the Editor is.

4. NIST Test plan - any discussion?
As Anne was the liaison between IIC and Regrep we need a new person to fulfill this role. Mike would be happy to replace Anne -> accepted.
Mike has also asked for further feedback from our TC on Len's document and on what should be tested. It was agreed that deadline for preliminary feedback to IIC on general approach is 3 weeks from the meeting date. Additional 3 weeks after that are allocated for the specific feedback to IIC. Feedback should be posted via Regrep listserv. IIC will be the owner and the maintainer of the document.
5. Reminder Version 3.0 drafts due Aug. 1st
No comments.
6. Subteam reports
Matt has mentioned that Cooperating Registries proposal has been discussed and revised few times. REST interface (old "URL Interface to OASIS ebXML Registry") has also been submitted and discussed within the subteam.
Nikola is working on initial version of Event Notification proposal.
Joe said that Core Components spec is to be released on July 19, 2002. In order to review that version of the spec, our CC subteam cannot meet August 1 deadline. Plan is to submit subteam's proposal to TC on September 20, 2002.
Suresh has posted Security Use Cases questionnaire. No feedback yet; needs it sometime during the week of July 15, 2002. He has also asked for additional help. To meet Aug 1 deadline is definitely the problem, but he will try to do skeleton by then. Suresh is out in August for the whole month. He might try to organize that someone else (Sanjay?) takes over some work during his absence.
7. eBTWG Electronic Business Architecture specification release - need volunteers to review BP and CPP references in relation to Registry (see e-mail forwarded 6/24/2002)

Few people have reviewed it without any specific comments. Joe mentioned that references to CC spec should be covered by CC subteam's work.
8. Other issues/items

9. Announcements: Karl will be sending a message to OASIS membership encouraging participation in Registry TC.  The RS and RIM are being submitted to ISO.
Karl has sent a msg that asks for additional participation. Versions 2.1 of the specs will be submitted to ISO.
10. Next meeting
July 25, 2002.


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